And these days, we unite

And these days, we unite

These days, these days – I see so many struggling.

These days, these days – I wander around in my own clambering travail.

The harsh reality of blundering through this human existence feels pained – like a great hurling off into nothing, to nowhere, into a black lagoon. This giant abyss – this deep, deep fissure – looms ahead, it swallows us, and we’re all left wondering where that light, that’s supposed to signal its end, has wandered off to. Did we miss it? What did we do wrong? And why do these days sometimes feel so dark?

I take these days and I hold them against my heart.

I take these days and I rub them roughly against my skin. It burns. It chafes. It hurts. I feel lost and often confused. I turn in on myself and wonder why I feel so alone.

And then I look up – unfurling myself from my own introverted focus. I cast my gaze around and see that everyone else is rocking, young children balled up in the fetal position seeking comfort. Like pods cut off from one another, yet still moving in a similar rhythm. We feel the difficulty of stretching, of movement, of becoming something more than we once were.

This transformation occurs in great waves that move the earth to tremble, that cause us to feel shocked. And like a sonic boom, we’re thrown around, shuddering within our cores, questioning the safety we once knew in the womb of our own complacency.

But then it happens. It’s a quiet gesture but so courageous in its movement – a shaking hand simply reaches out to find another, a voice claims its words and echoes against the silence.

We touch one another. We connect.

We realize we are only as alone as the barrier our pride erects against the honesty of our flawed human journey.

As one hand reaches out…as one voice breaks the silence…an example is made. A connection is clasped. A domino effect weaves its way amidst our disembodied souls. We unite. We share. We understand. We join.

We become the great movement we were always meant to be. Our unified arms creating a web of strength; the planet’s consciousness contained within this organic, luminescent container.

And as we stretch, as we bend, as we move in the unity created by our joined and shared experiences, we find a strength in our legs, in our hearts, in our voices, that allows us to coalesce as one.

In a great heaving burst of the collective will, we stand. We elevate our consciousness. We shift steadily upward toward this next universal cycle – this next evolution of human experience.

We stand and we hold. We join and we connect. We speak and we hear each individual within the collective.

And that light we were so desperately searching for begins to glow. It springs forth from the seed planted within each of our heart’s commitment to growth. And it spreads out, makes its way across the web built from our unity, until it unfolds and encompasses us all.

We bathe, we dance, we sing and we rejoice in the ample grace of its sweet connecting light.

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  1. Jennica Mills February 7, 2013 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    So beautifully expressed my friend. This journey can seem so abrasive, but we are held and supported. Thank you for sharing your heart.

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