Sedona Airport Vortex and Timing Perfection

Sedona Airport Vortex and Timing Perfection

Arrived in Sedona yesterday and just, wow- this is from the top of the airport energy vortex- the first one I went to. So breathtakingly beautiful and majestic…and powerful! Took me a day to get my bearings and now I’m feeling wonderful this morning.

Also so very grateful for the many lovely synchronisties that keep popping up – signs, music, numbers, animals, people. I had to call my mom three times yesterday just to share them all with her! I kept telling her I couldn’t believe I’d not been here sooner, and she so wonderfully reminded me (as she always does), that we come to where we’re meant to be exactly when we’re meant to. Word, mama, word.

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    Wow! 🏽

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