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How to Make Chaga Tea and Why!

Mmmmmm chaga tea! So so yummy, with such amazing health benefits, and a great alternative to coffee. Often called a mushroom, it's technically mycelium embedded in semi-digested wood. Chaga's healing properties include boosting the immune system due to its abundance of Beta-D-Glucans, normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as soothing the intestinal tract combating [...]

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Message from My Spirit Guides: Coins

When I teach my spirit guides workshop, I talk about all the ways our guides can be in communication with us...feathers are very common, as are coins. And over the last year in particular I've been finding quarters nestled in the strangest of places...under throw pillows, my bathroom sink, as I'm walking out and about. [...]

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Beautiful Baltimore and Intro to Energetic Self Healing

This was the view from our beautiful 15th floor room in downtown Baltimore for the Intro to Energetic Self Healing Workshop, an introduction to Reiki. I was so super honored and excited to share this workshop this past Saturday. Every workshop is special and unique, and this one had the very beautiful theme of sisters! [...]

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Easy Vegan Chili Recipe

I'm having such a wonderful time cooking with my sister on my trip to Philly! We made a vegan chili for dinner tonight, chalk full of lots of delicious veggies, and a perfectly warm food for the cold East Coast evenings. VEGAN CHILI (serves 4-6) Ingredients 6 cloves garlic, minced 3 carrots (1 cup chopped) 1 [...]

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Finding Stillness in Winter

Enjoying the seasons feels like such a blessing... walked for several miles in the lightly falling rain with my sis and her boyfriend this afternoon. There's so much quiet here, not what a lot of people (myself included) imagine about Philly I think. Taking some time for quiet reflection is such a natural and important [...]

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New Sound Healing & Reiki Event

New Sound Healing & Reiki Event in San Diego on Saturday, 12/13 from 11am-1pm for just $25! I'm teaming up with the amazing Sound Healer Toni Narins to offer 2 hours of sound healing combined with hands-on Reiki by me at Spirit Yoga Studios in Pacific Beach! You'll get to experience: gongs tuning forks singing bowls, [...]

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How to Find the Right Reiki Practitioner for You

*ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON MINDBODYGREEN* Whenever I teach my Reiki certification courses, I always tell my students “you are the only person who can practice your kind of Reiki.” That’s because energy medicine is deeply personal – our energy bodies are as unique as our fingerprints, and also are constantly changing and evolving. This also means [...]

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Sweetgrass Braids for Attracting Positive Energy

The smell of sweetgrass, is exactly that: soft and sweet. The other morning I was smudging my home with this sweetgrass braid from Taos Pueblo. Just as we burn sage to cleanse heavy or negative energies, we smudge with sweetgrass to attract positive and light energies. As such it's often burned at the end of [...]

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The Catharsis of Storytelling

Last night I got to be a part of an amazing event, joining six courageous speakers to share about our personal journeys in community. I was so incredibly inspired by what each person shared, and also by the outpouring of support by the San Diego community in engaging and connecting with each person's message. It [...]

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