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The Catharsis of Storytelling

Last night I got to be a part of an amazing event, joining six courageous speakers to share about our personal journeys in community. I was so incredibly inspired by what each person shared, and also by the outpouring of support by the San Diego community in engaging and connecting with each person's message. It [...]

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Embracing Experiences — and Hearts — in Sedona

Throwing back to my recent trip to Sedona. I had so many beautiful, synchronistic experiences there and one was as I was walking back down from the Boynton Canyon vortex. A man who was walking up stopped me and said "can I give you something?" I said, "of course!" and he pulled this red rock [...]

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Upcoming Storytelling Event: The New Narrative Presents COMMUNITY!

I'm back in San Diego and excited to share that I've been selected as a speaker for Nathan Young's The New Narrative presents: COMMUNITY! I'm joining an awesome line up of San Diego writers, to share personal narrative pieces on our experiences with community. If you like listening to a good story, coupled with intelligent [...]

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The “Okotoks Erratic” – Megaliths in Calgary

I found megaliths, just outside of Calgary! These beautiful, enormous and ancient stones stand in the middle of the flat plains, and have been sacred to the Blackfoot people. The "Okotoks Erratic" (from the Blackfoot word for rock) were deposited here by a glacier some 30,000 years ago, and the quartzite they're composed of is [...]

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Reiki Teaching Reflections – Calgary Reiki 1

I'm enjoying a little green tea matcha by the fire this morning in Calgary, taking a quiet moment to reflect on such a beautiful Reiki 1 class yesterday. Each class is so special and unique, and yet sometimes it still amazes me what happens when a group of present, authentic and caring people come together [...]

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Creating Spirit Guide Altars

Had such a beautiful time at my Guide Speak Workshop in Calgary tonight! Got to meet my friends and clients in-person, plus some new awesome friends-in-the-making too! I love getting to share how our other side team supports and communicates with us, as well as developing and practicing the innate intuitive abilities we all have. [...]

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On Traveling and Protection: My Mantra

I've been blessed to do so much traveling this year, and most of it on my own. I've actually done way more solo traveling than with people throughout my life, my first international trip by myself at 23 years old to the outer Hebrides of Scotland to visit Callanish. I don't often think about the [...]

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Vegetarian Curry Recipe

Even though it's felt far from fall here in San Diego, I'm already loving more fall veggies like sweet potatoes and squash. And we naturally want heartier, warming foods as we move into this season. What are some of your favorite healthy fall dishes? VEGETARIAN CURRY RECIPE Heat 2 tbsp olive oil over medium heat [...]

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Sunrise and Stepping Out on the Ledge

Up with the sun and getting ready for a pretty big day for me: my first writers conference. Many of you know I've written a novel... It was finished by the time I started caring for Kenny and so went on hold for about a year. This summer I revisited the novel, spending these last [...]

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