Samhain & Day of the Dead Celebration

Tonight we recognize the veil is thin, and we celebrate and honor our ancestors and loved ones who have crossed. Here in San Miguel de Allende we're putting together the traditional Día de los Muertos offering, sharing stories and memories of our loved ones, honoring their lives, connections and contributions. Samhain is the parallel Celtic [...]

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Lana Simmons Show Interview

On this episode of the Lana Simmons Show, its all about Reiki!  Join me and Reiki Master Sharna Langlais of Seek, Spark, Shine as we discuss: Sharna's journey finding Reiki What Reiki is If distance Reiki really works How distance Reiki works Sharna Langlais works with clients internationally, helping them uncover the source of wounds and [...]

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Dragon’s Breath Crystal Ring

You know the story...went into the crystal shop for one stone, came out with 10 others PLUS this magical ring the jeweler pulled out from a pouch behind the counter of her own handmade collection. It went on my finger to "ya know, just try real quick..." and probably ain't coming off for a good [...]

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“Kissing the Hag” Book by Emma Restall Orr

"No, hag is not a nice word. Like princess or pole-dancer, the word quietly slips us a picture, and though for each of us the image may differ slightly, it invariably embodies all that is declared to be simply and irrefutably *not nice* in woman." Kissing the Hag by Emma Restall Orr

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Black New Moon in Libra

I didn't even notice the caterpillar in this photo until I was getting ready to post it, but how perfect for nature's fall transformation. I was out running the trails and just amazing by the astounding colors everywhere here in New Mexico. And particularly as we head into this "Black Moon" tonight, which is the [...]

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New Mexico Chamisa Blooming

My beautiful friend, Toni of Elemental Sound Healing, told me earlier this month that New Mexico was about to turn gold and purple and holy goddess, it sure has! The chamisa is blooming absolutely everywhere, along with bright sunflowers. It's been such a blessing to watch the seasons and nature unfold its glorious gifts since I [...]

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