Santa Fe Community Farm Stand & Volunteering

Spent some time this morning volunteering at Santa Fe Community Farm! Weeded some carrot beds, and also talked about helping a bit with their community relations efforts. The farm donates the majority of what it grows to people in need, and is also just starting up its Farm Stand this Sunday. You can purchase organic [...]

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Mars Retrograde and Red Cactus Blossoms

These are the only red cactus blossoms I've yet seen on my trail runs - the color still puts me in awe. And also immediately made me think of all that's been happening with Mars astrologically (as the red planet with all it's fiery energy ) - both it's retrograde period (ending June 29) and [...]

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Owning our Ignorance as we Evolve

Don't most of us feel safer, more secure, more at ease, when we feel like we know what we're doing? It's called the comfort zone, and as many of us know by now, that ain't where growth is happening. But I think this interesting phenomenon occurs when we've been on a path of self growth [...]

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Stopping to Smell the Roses

These sweet, sunny roses run along my fence line, and how perfect a reminder of the shining, lightness of summer! It's kinda impossible not to feel bright when you're looking at a yellow rose...I mean, "stopping to smell the roses" became a cliche for a reason! Mama earth is blooming in our part of the [...]

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