Dragon’s Breath Crystal Ring

You know the story...went into the crystal shop for one stone, came out with 10 others PLUS this magical ring the jeweler pulled out from a pouch behind the counter of her own handmade collection. It went on my finger to "ya know, just try real quick..." and probably ain't coming off for a good [...]

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A Blessing for Healing from Theft

Last week my purse was stolen out of the trunk of my car as I was hiking in Santa Fe, my new home. I’ve traveled all over the world by myself and have never had my property stolen - I’ve lost my fair share of items, and surprisingly often had them returned. So it was [...]

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Creating Spirit Guide Altars

Had such a beautiful time at my Guide Speak Workshop in Calgary tonight! Got to meet my friends and clients in-person, plus some new awesome friends-in-the-making too! I love getting to share how our other side team supports and communicates with us, as well as developing and practicing the innate intuitive abilities we all have. [...]

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Green Aventurine for Prosperity and Love

Wearing crystals is one of my favorite ways to use their healing properties, and after I learned this easy weave for making necklaces, I've been knotting and braiding left and right! Lately I've been drawn to this green aventurine, which had a number of healing properties. It's a heart chakra opener, and helps attract love [...]

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