Rose & Lavender Body Butter Recipe

Just finished making this Rose and Lavender Body Butter using shea butter, jojoba oil and lavender and rose essential oils. Most commercial lotions are chalkful of chemicals, and even many of the all natural lotions have harmful ingredients. It's particularly dry right now in New Mexico, so this is much-needed medicine. I used Live Simply's super [...]

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Salt Scrub Recipe for Energy Balancing & Cleansing

Salt scrubs are great not only for your skin, but they're also wonderful for clearing and balancing your energy field! As an energy worker, salt is a key part of my personal cleansing routine, and I often recommend it to my clients before and after energy work, or whenever they feel like they could use a [...]

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Kitchari Recipe for Balancing and Grounding

Homemade kitchari on a warm summer day! (Recipe below.) We all get off balance from time to time, and whenever I do I go back to the basics: rest, exercise and food. Kitchari is one of my favorite, nourishing dishes to help bring my body back into balance. An ayurvedic dish, the spices can be [...]

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Move Your Energy, Move Your Body

Out for a run with this lil cutie pie and lemme just give massive kudos to the moms who get out there and push these strollers day after day...especially to work out! Holy goodness I felt muscles I haven't in ages, and was so grateful for that park stop midway through. And yet I couldn't [...]

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365 Days of Love Letters to Myself

*ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON GLOBAL LOVE PROJECT* Each year as we move toward its end, through the darkness of the Winter Solstice and peaking up on the return of the light, I think of a ritual I’d like to adopt for the New Year…a way to honor how far I’ve come and also what I’m calling [...]

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Creamy Spiced Carrot and Zucchini Soup Recipe

Sometimes I look in my fridge and groan, wondering why I actually have to deal with the whole "food thing." Lol. But other times I'm pleasantly surprised when inspiration strikes as I realize I have veggies that need using and an idea of how to use them! I threw together this really simple soup, which [...]

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How to Make Chaga Tea and Why!

Mmmmmm chaga tea! So so yummy, with such amazing health benefits, and a great alternative to coffee. Often called a mushroom, it's technically mycelium embedded in semi-digested wood. Chaga's healing properties include boosting the immune system due to its abundance of Beta-D-Glucans, normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as soothing the intestinal tract combating [...]

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Easy Vegan Chili Recipe

I'm having such a wonderful time cooking with my sister on my trip to Philly! We made a vegan chili for dinner tonight, chalk full of lots of delicious veggies, and a perfectly warm food for the cold East Coast evenings. VEGAN CHILI (serves 4-6) Ingredients 6 cloves garlic, minced 3 carrots (1 cup chopped) 1 [...]

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Sweetgrass Braids for Attracting Positive Energy

The smell of sweetgrass, is exactly that: soft and sweet. The other morning I was smudging my home with this sweetgrass braid from Taos Pueblo. Just as we burn sage to cleanse heavy or negative energies, we smudge with sweetgrass to attract positive and light energies. As such it's often burned at the end of [...]

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