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Samhain & Day of the Dead Celebration

Tonight we recognize the veil is thin, and we celebrate and honor our ancestors and loved ones who have crossed. Here in San Miguel de Allende we're putting together the traditional Día de los Muertos offering, sharing stories and memories of our loved ones, honoring their lives, connections and contributions. Samhain is the parallel Celtic [...]

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Black New Moon in Libra

I didn't even notice the caterpillar in this photo until I was getting ready to post it, but how perfect for nature's fall transformation. I was out running the trails and just amazing by the astounding colors everywhere here in New Mexico. And particularly as we head into this "Black Moon" tonight, which is the [...]

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Mars Retrograde and Red Cactus Blossoms

These are the only red cactus blossoms I've yet seen on my trail runs - the color still puts me in awe. And also immediately made me think of all that's been happening with Mars astrologically (as the red planet with all it's fiery energy ) - both it's retrograde period (ending June 29) and [...]

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2016 Intention Setting and Sacred Circle Workshop

Join me for a special presentation on working with the seasons and moon energy in creating a sacred goddess circle. I've been invited by Lynn Kay of The Spirits Connect to present at her January Circles in San Diego. We'll learn how to call in the directions, how to use our energy to create sacred [...]

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What’s Your Word for 2016?

Lately, as I approach the new year, I've been selecting a theme I'd like to invoke for the coming year. At last night's solstice ritual we each selected a word, going round in circle sharing it and lighting a small candle that each woman took home with her to represent the birth of the light [...]

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Women’s Circle Closing and Winter Solstice

Held my last women's circle in San Diego tonight before my move. We celebrated the coming solstice as well as the full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day. We honored endings and rebirth, which was so perfect for this new journey I'm preparing to embark on. I kept waiting to feel more sadness in coming [...]

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A Winter Solstice Ritual: Sun’s Rebirth

The sun child stirs in the depths of a snowy womb as he hears Winter Solstice's call. Encircled deep within the moon's belly, he invites us to ask, “what is immersed in the longest night?” As a seed in the chilled earth, through this time of wide darkness, we find our shadow and bring it forth. [...]

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Creating Spirit Guide Altars

Had such a beautiful time at my Guide Speak Workshop in Calgary tonight! Got to meet my friends and clients in-person, plus some new awesome friends-in-the-making too! I love getting to share how our other side team supports and communicates with us, as well as developing and practicing the innate intuitive abilities we all have. [...]

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