You Did the Best You Could at the Time

What an amazing welcome home gift to see that Gossip Girl and Melrose Place actress, Kelly Rutherford, shared one of my quotes! It was also beautiful to read more about what an inspiring woman she is. We beat ourselves up so often, going over and over and over past events...thinking how we might have done things differently, [...]

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A Winter Solstice Ritual: Sun’s Rebirth

The sun child stirs in the depths of a snowy womb as he hears Winter Solstice's call. Encircled deep within the moon's belly, he invites us to ask, “what is immersed in the longest night?” As a seed in the chilled earth, through this time of wide darkness, we find our shadow and bring it forth. [...]

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On Traveling and Protection: My Mantra

I've been blessed to do so much traveling this year, and most of it on my own. I've actually done way more solo traveling than with people throughout my life, my first international trip by myself at 23 years old to the outer Hebrides of Scotland to visit Callanish. I don't often think about the [...]

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Aries Super Moon Poetry

Tonight’s Full Moon in Aries is also a supermoon, blood moon and combined with a total lunar eclipse. Powerful, powerful energy moving through and around today, tonight and for the next week as the energy settles and integrates. I’m feeling deeply blessed to be up in the mountains of New Mexico for tonight’s Full Moon, [...]

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Spinning Sugar

I spun sugar today, from words you gave me, feathery, crystalline, velvety sweet. Dissolving into liquid, pink upon my tongue, delicate, syrupy, nectared dew. I made a meal of your gift, as it danced its way inside me. Owning the vowels' confection, reducing the cloud of consonants, into a fluid, honeyed trail. I spun sugar [...]

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Coming home

Home is this idea I had once upon a time in my head a far off place of longing and yearning of desperately seeking to return a destination outside of myself where my parents still laughed ...together and my sisters saw me as ...perfection and I knew that I ...belonged For too many years now [...]

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