You Did the Best You Could at the Time

What an amazing welcome home gift to see that Gossip Girl and Melrose Place actress, Kelly Rutherford, shared one of my quotes! It was also beautiful to read more about what an inspiring woman she is. We beat ourselves up so often, going over and over and over past events...thinking how we might have done things differently, [...]

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Mama Moon & Two Soaring Ravens

Up and out early for a trail run over the weekend, and was blessed to see Mama Moon still shining, along with two ravens gliding back and forth, playing in the early morning Santa Fe sky. Our paths can sometimes feel lonely, and I know that, for me, growth often comes with a lot of [...]

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As Winter Approaches, We Turn Inward

I returned to Santa Fe last week from almost three beautiful weeks of traveling, to find all the burnt tangerine and sun-colored leaves gone from the trees. It's raining here tonight, and as I look out my window at the trees, naked and stark, I am reminded of the endings this time of year represents. [...]

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Spirit Guide Altar

The altar is all set up for tonight's Guide Speak workshop tonight in Santa Fe! I'm excited to share the beauty of connecting with our spirit guides with tonight's participants. I've been leading this workshop for the last two years, and I'm always so amazed by the beautiful experiences attendees have as they learn about [...]

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Santa Fe Community Farm Stand & Volunteering

Spent some time this morning volunteering at Santa Fe Community Farm! Weeded some carrot beds, and also talked about helping a bit with their community relations efforts. The farm donates the majority of what it grows to people in need, and is also just starting up its Farm Stand this Sunday. You can purchase organic [...]

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