How to Find the Right Reiki Practitioner for You

How to Find the Right Reiki Practitioner for You


Whenever I teach my Reiki certification courses, I always tell my students “you are the only person who can practice your kind of Reiki.” That’s because energy medicine is deeply personal – our energy bodies are as unique as our fingerprints, and also are constantly changing and evolving.

This also means that finding someone to work with your energy is deeply personal, and has a lot to do with finding a Reiki practitioner who resonates with you.

When I teach, I do an exercise where I have my students place their hands near another student’s — almost touching — and have them feel the energetic push and pull. It still amazes that one pairing of people (often complete strangers) can feel extremely powerful, yet when each of those people is paired with another, they may feel very little.

In my opinion, this is at the heart of finding a Reiki practitioner that’s right for you. It’s not about flashy websites, artistic headshots, and it’s definitely not about competition between Reiki practitioners (which, in my opinion, is unhelpful and counterproductive). It’s about understanding how someone practices Reiki, and if his/her way works for you.


What do you need?

This is always an important question to ask yourself as you move through life. And understanding what you want to get out of your Reiki session will best help you find someone who can meet your needs. Are you recuperating from a surgery and want someone who can support your recovery? Are you working through depression or anxiety, and need a practitioner who can help you with your mood? Are you highly stressed and want someone who can help you relax? Are you looking for someone who combines other modalities in addition to Reiki? Taking stock of where you’re at, and making a list of what you’d like to get out of your sessions, will help you evaluate if a practitioner is right for you, and help your practitioner create a treatment plan that is best for you.


Ask your friends

Word of mouth is a key referral source for many of us in the service industry, and it’s because it really does work! Chances are, you’re friends with someone because they resonate with you, and so it’s likely your friends and family can give you referrals that are most likely to work for you.


Go to the Internet

Use a search engine to find a Reiki practitioner in your area, read reviews on Yelp or search the many professional Reiki membership organizations that list their paid members and/or practitioners they’ve certified. When looking at a practitioner’s website, read the about or bio section, as well as any testimonials that are available. You’ll also want to take a look at price and see if their cost per session fits into your budget, and whether or not they use hands-on touch (many Reiki practitioners do not place their hands directly on the body, and that’s something you may want to evaluate for yourself and your comfort level).


Distance Practitioners

Reiki is a modality that can be done quite effectively via distance. So you may consider widening your search past your local area, and seeing if they offer distance Reiki. Some people love the distance modality, whereas others prefer to see a practitioner in person. This is truly a personal choice. Distance Reiki can provide a lot of flexibility for people who have busy schedules, or may not have many practitioners in their area. Other clients really appreciate seeing their practitioner in-person.


Questions to Ask/Research About Your Practitioner

  1. What is your approach to (name the issue you are seeking help with)?
  2. Have you ever worked with someone experiencing (name the issue)?
  3. Does your method use hands-on touch?
  4. Do you incorporate any other methods into your work?
  5. Do you work via distance and, if so, how?
  6. How frequently do you suggest sessions? (Depending on the issue you are working through, this question will be easier for the practitioner to answer after a first visit.)


Schedule a First Session

While most practitioners will be happy to answer a few questions via email or phone, many will want to see you for a first session to help evaluate your energy body and unique situation. A first session will also help you know whether or not you felt benefits after the session and/or if the practitioner’s style worked for you.

Doing your research on the front end will help you narrow down your list and, just like choosing a doctor, you may see several before you find one that works for you. Remember that you are empowered to choose who cares for you, and that you are entrusting someone with some of the most important parts of you. When you find a Reiki practitioner that is right for you, you’ll also have started a relationship that can benefit you on your healing path for years to come.

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