Living in Divine Balance – Online Course

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Date(s) - 05/14/2017 - 06/25/2017
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Online Workshop

6 Week Course to Heal & Harmonize the Feminine & Masculine

Are you seeking balance, harmony and joy in your inner and outer worlds? Working with our masculine and feminine energies can provide a vital and powerful modality for achieving this healing and balance, both internally and externally.

Because these energies exist in all facets of life, whether you are working on romantic or family relationships, your health, career, spiritual path or relationship with yourself – this course helps gives you the tools to find greater harmony and balance throughout your life.

Most of us spend our lives seeking happiness from our external worlds. And while that is certainly a valid journey through our lessons, we may find deeper grace, peace and healing by practicing this balance and harmony inside of ourselves. By working from the inside-out, we can understand and harmonize our internal worlds, which then reflects and manifests directly in our external lives.

This six-week journey will take us through an in-depth understanding of the masculine and feminine elements, their light and shadow sides, how we can cultivate these internally, and also how we seek and work with them externally.


“Do yourself a huge favor and take this class, or gift it to someone you care about. In January, I was ready to begin dating again after having spent the last 2 years grieving the loss of a partner. I had done the personal growth work, and felt excited about the future. Then I started dating, or trying to…but hard as I tried, I just couldn’t make a connection. During the fourth week of coursework, I realize that I’m a masculine energy woman that has been pursuing a masculine energy male and hating every minute of it. Ahaaa moment ensues. I acknowledge and accept that I am this strong woman who needs a feminine energy man to provide that soft, caring piece that’s been missing in my life. Two weeks later, I meet a man who’s perfect for me. Crazier still, he checked off every single trait I had been looking for! Without a doubt, the Living in Divine Balance course was the best $150 bucks I’ve ever spent.” ~ Elizabeth

The Divine Balance Course helped me understand the masculine and feminine energy which reside within myself, as well as how these energies are a part of the world around me. I never thought much about finding balance between the yin and yang within, or even finding a balance between me and my husband feminine and masculine energies, until this course. There is a balance! After taking this course I felt less struggle within. Less struggle in my relationship. A sense of peace about who I am.” ~ Melissa

I took took this course for a lot of reasons, and really to help me understand how better to communicate with my husband. Our communication problems have had our relationship in a bad place for several years now, and in working with Sharna  privately in sessions and during the course, I can truly say this course helped to save my marriage. I now understand how better to talk to my husband about our issues, and also how I can hold my feminine energy and boundaries. I’d recommend this course for anyone struggling with their relationship.” ~ Jessie

“The Living in Divine Balance course came into my life in the middle of a very tumultuous time as I helped my grandfather pass. The coursework itself is exciting and enlightening and definitely beneficial to people in all life circumstances. However what was most meaningful to me was the community of support this course built. The amazing souls that I was able to connect with through the course helped me feel loved and understood. We are all struggling with something but we never have to be alone in those struggles. Sharna is an amazing teacher and facilitator and I am convinced anyone I meet through connections to Sharna will uplift my life.” ~ Natalie

Course Goals

At the end of the 6-week course, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand how the feminine and masculine shows up in our inner and outer worlds including our thoughts, emotions, health, work, relationships, etc.;
  • Identify, quickly and easily, imbalances between the masculine and feminine energies in your life;
  • Understand what created these imbalances, and the lessons you are meant to learn;
  • Learn exercises and techniques to bring them back into balance;
  • Achieve a feeling of greater harmony, peace and joy within your internal and external worlds including your relationships with others and yourself.

Weekly Lessons

  • Week 1: Divine Feminine
  • Week 2: Divine Masculine
  • Week 3: Shadow Sides
  • Week 4: Inner Marriage
  • Week 5: Inner World
  • Week 6: Outer World

Each week’s lessons will include:

  • Handouts for reading including recommended exercises/practices
  • Online video lesson (viewable at any time throughout the week)
  • Online interactive webinar (held for 1.5 hours on Sunday; 10:30am-12pm MT)
  • Recording of webinar for those who cannot attend
  • Facebook group engagement throughout the course


  • $135 Advanced Registration (on or before 5/7/17)
  • $155 Regular Registration (on or after 5/8/17)

Payment plans are also available – the full registration amount must be received by the registration deadline (5/7/17 for $135 Advanced Registration; 5/8/17 for $155 Regular Registration).

To request a payment plan, please contact me.

Dates & Times

The interactive webinar will be held on Sundays (5/21-6/25/17), from 10:30am-12pm Mountain Time (click here to convert to your time zone). The webinars are held via Zoom, and instructions for setting up your account and accessing the webinars will be sent after you register for the workshop. Attendance at the webinars is not required for the class, however, these are opportunities to discuss the previous week’s lessons and exercises, ask questions and learn from your fellow students.

If you’re unable to attend one or any of the webinars, they will be recorded and sent to the entire group by the following Tuesday so you may watch the webinar.

The following week’s video lesson and handouts will be sent after the webinar, on Sunday afternoon.

  • Week 0: You’ll receive the video, handouts & exercises on the Divine Feminine (Sunday, 5/14/17)
  • Week 1: Divine Feminine Webinar (Sunday, 5/21/17; 10:30am-12pm Mountain Time)
  • Week 2: Divine Masculine Webinar (Sunday, 5/28/17; 10:30am-12pmMountain Time)
  • Week 3: Shadow Sides Webinar (Sunday, 6/4/17; 10:30am-12pmMountain Time)
  • Week 4: Inner Marriage Webinar (Sunday, 6/11/17; 10:30am-12pmMountain Time)
  • Week 5: Inner World Webinar (Sunday, 6/18/17; 10:30am-12pmMountain Time)
  • Week 6: Outer World Webinar (Sunday, 6/25/17; 10:30am-12pmMountain Time)


Sharna-Langlais-Headshot-250Sharna Langlais, Reiki Master
Sharna works with clients internationally, helping them uncover the source of wounds and blockages so they can live freer, fuller and brighter lives. Using Reiki, meditation, and energy therapy, she facilitates a holistic journey toward healing. A Reiki Master, as well as a certified Say it Straight Communication Trainer, Sharna also writes for MindBodyGreen on Reiki healing. A skilled and passionate teacher and facilitator, she has been leading groups, workshops and classes for over 15 years.


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