Book Gifting

Book Gifting

It’s book gift giving day, which is seriously my favorite day! Today I’m gifting:

The two ends of this spectrum have me reflecting a bit deeper today…the first is a gift I picked up in Seattle for my sweet, “wheel obsessed” 16-month old nephew.  And the second is for a new friend I’ve been sitting with over the last few weeks as he makes his journey through the end stage of ALS.

We met through one of Kenny’s angel home health aides, and it’s been the most amazing blessing to be with another soul as he moves along this path. In addition to talking and offering him Reiki, I read to him. So tonight, when I’m done learning from Yogananda and my friend, I’ll go read about big trucks with my nephew and learn some more from him too.

Feeling very, very blessed to have so many teachers in my life, and books are such a beautiful gateway to it all.

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