On Traveling and Protection: My Mantra

On Traveling and Protection: My Mantra

I’ve been blessed to do so much traveling this year, and most of it on my own. I’ve actually done way more solo traveling than with people throughout my life, my first international trip by myself at 23 years old to the outer Hebrides of Scotland to visit Callanish.

I don’t often think about the implications of traveling alone much anymore, and I think my mom has finally stopped (or given up on) worrying.  However it’s not lost on me that traveling as a now-not-so-young woman, can still come with its moments of feeling not so safe.

I just arrived in Calgary, to meet some beautiful clients and friends (can’t wait!) And certainly couldn’t feel safer. But I thought I’d share this little mantra/blessing that came to me in a meditation and I’ve been saying it to myself, not just on my travels, but any time in life I feel a little shaky, unsure or unsafe.

We can so completely change our nervous and anxious thoughts into positive ones, creating the vibration and reality we want for ourselves. We might as well put these powerful minds of ours to good use! Wishing you all love, abundance and blessings – and yay for Calgary workshops and trainings tonight and tomorrow!

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