The Catharsis of Storytelling

The Catharsis of Storytelling

Last night I got to be a part of an amazing event, joining six courageous speakers to share about our personal journeys in community. I was so incredibly inspired by what each person shared, and also by the outpouring of support by the San Diego community in engaging and connecting with each person’s message.

It was a raw, emotional and also healing experience to share some of the life-altering lessons I learned over the 8 months I cared for Kenny. I struggled with telling the story at all, knowing how private Kenny was – but Nathan Young, The New Narrative visionary and producer, reminded me I also had a story to tell. And I know that Kenny was up there on that stage with me — and not just through his glorious 6′ face!

But in sharing a message that many people who came up to me afterward said helped them – caregivers, family members and friends who had cared for and lost loved ones. Kenny would constantly say that why he needed to live was because he had more work to do here – he wanted to keep helping people. And I really think we did last night. It touched me beyond words how many people came up to me at intermission and after the show and simply asked if they could give me a hug. And I KNOW Kenny was hugging them too with one of his signature deep squeezes.

Last night we heard stories of communities coming together and being changed and revitalized across San Diego…I’m so grateful the more intimate story of two of people coming together through one of the most difficult experiences possible, had a place there too. Please check out The New Narrative to learn more about last night’s speakers and also the upcoming events in the series!  Michelle Lazar and Katie Rast.

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