Sometimes your sissy sends you a card in the mail and it couldn’t be more perfect. I don’t think it’s entirely intentional that social media has become a highlight reel, but I do feel we’ve lost the depth of honesty that comes in all the layers of the human experience when we just talk about “what’s great.”

A few weeks ago some parts of my past came back to remind me that I didn’t always feel so on track with my life, and that there had been several periods where I’d stumbled and lost my way a bit. But these reminders, as challenging as they can be to face, provide us with such a beautiful realization of all we’ve been through and how far we’ve come. My sissy reminded me of that, and that sometimes what we thought was “getting lost” or “delayed” just brought us round a different way, to the beauty of where we are now.

Grateful for the scenery of my life, even the not so pleasant bits – I wouldn’t be this version of myself without having traversed them, and it certainly added to (or maybe gave me) my “grit and swagger.”

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