365 Days of Love Letters to Myself

*ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON GLOBAL LOVE PROJECT* Each year as we move toward its end, through the darkness of the Winter Solstice and peaking up on the return of the light, I think of a ritual I’d like to adopt for the New Year…a way to honor how far I’ve come and also what I’m calling [...]

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Boundaries and Energy Management

It's that time of year when we often find ourselves interacting with those who may put us outside of our comfort zone. And it can create some beautiful opportunities for growth and learning, as we see relatives and old friends we may not see very frequently. It can be helpful to remember that we do [...]

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What’s Your Word for 2016?

Lately, as I approach the new year, I've been selecting a theme I'd like to invoke for the coming year. At last night's solstice ritual we each selected a word, going round in circle sharing it and lighting a small candle that each woman took home with her to represent the birth of the light [...]

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Easy Vegan Chili Recipe

I'm having such a wonderful time cooking with my sister on my trip to Philly! We made a vegan chili for dinner tonight, chalk full of lots of delicious veggies, and a perfectly warm food for the cold East Coast evenings. VEGAN CHILI (serves 4-6) Ingredients 6 cloves garlic, minced 3 carrots (1 cup chopped) 1 [...]

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New Sound Healing & Reiki Event

New Sound Healing & Reiki Event in San Diego on Saturday, 12/13 from 11am-1pm for just $25! I'm teaming up with the amazing Sound Healer Toni Narins to offer 2 hours of sound healing combined with hands-on Reiki by me at Spirit Yoga Studios in Pacific Beach! You'll get to experience: gongs tuning forks singing bowls, [...]

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The Catharsis of Storytelling

Last night I got to be a part of an amazing event, joining six courageous speakers to share about our personal journeys in community. I was so incredibly inspired by what each person shared, and also by the outpouring of support by the San Diego community in engaging and connecting with each person's message. It [...]

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Reiki Teaching Reflections – Calgary Reiki 1

I'm enjoying a little green tea matcha by the fire this morning in Calgary, taking a quiet moment to reflect on such a beautiful Reiki 1 class yesterday. Each class is so special and unique, and yet sometimes it still amazes me what happens when a group of present, authentic and caring people come together [...]

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Sunrise and Stepping Out on the Ledge

Up with the sun and getting ready for a pretty big day for me: my first writers conference. Many of you know I've written a novel... It was finished by the time I started caring for Kenny and so went on hold for about a year. This summer I revisited the novel, spending these last [...]

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Love, Healing and a Heart-Shaped Burn

I burnt my finger after Reiki 1 in Phoenix, not paying attention to where I placed my fingers while picking up a glass candle. The blister was heart-shaped too but went away quickly as I tended to it, just leaving a little skin cover. When I returned to San Diego last week, the skin started [...]

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