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“After one remote session with Sharna, I noticed significant improvements in my health and well-being. I was in awe since never before had I considered that my physical ailments may have been intertwined with my energy field’s state, much less any past life traumas. As my session with Sharna progressed, I could feel weight lifting from my neck and shoulders. I had never felt so centered in my whole life. Forever I am grateful to have come across Sharna and her practice.

Beyond the physical benefits I have received, I feel more coordinated, focused and grounded. Her treatments have infiltrated benefits throughout my lifestyle by instilling a balanced determination; specifically impacting my relationships, attitudes and work life. I feel more joyful, free and calm so that I am able to more easily navigate through each situation I encounter. Side effects may include increased confidence, willpower, or other abilities.

I was quite nervous before my first session, but by the second I felt much more comfortable and that contributed to the experience. The more open I allowed myself to be, the deeper, more valuable the session became. By eliminating my expectations, I received input from various guides, ancestors, past life experiences and the eternal cosmos. Instantly I was immersed into a realm of auras, cords and chakras, with Sharna gently directing me through it all. I am a better version of myself.

I also greatly appreciated the follow up to our sessions providing some additional resources and answering any lingering questions. It provided a level of support and comfort with a trusting confidence in Sharna and her efforts. I would strongly suggest giving Reiki a try with Sharna; she provides a fully integrated experience. Sharna’s perceptive clearing and healing sessions have positively impacted my life with exponential benefits that I continue to realize today.”

Alicia B, Yelp Review
“I can not begin to say enough wonderful things about Sharna. I have had the pleasure of working with her as a student of hers as well as a client.

As a client, Sharna made me feel very comfortable, supported, safe and understood. Her intuition is so spot on every time, it is incredible! She brings such passion to her work and really devotes every moment of her time with you to giving you a fantastic and personalized experience.

Sharna has such a beautiful soul and it shines so brightly every time you see her. She has really made a huge difference in my life with her amazing gift!!

As a teacher, she brings so much knowledge forward! She is the type of person you feel comfortable asking any question to no matter how stupid it may sound and she will always find a way to explain it so you understand.

She is so brilliant in her way of teaching, making sure she covers all learning facets so you are able to listen, see and have hands on training to really grasp the concept. From workshops to Reiki certification, I would recommend them all!! I get so much out of every single experience I have with Sharna. She even got my scientist boyfriend interested, engaged and now certified in Reiki as well! That’s how amazing she is!!

Sharna, you are truly a joy to work with and learn from. Thank you so much for all the positive changes you have made to my life. I am beyond grateful for you and the incredible gift you possess.”

Jennifer S, Facebook Review
“A friend of mine here in AZ was referred to Sharna and had a great session she shared with me and several friends. She highly recommended Sharna for a distance Reiki Session. I practice Reiki also, and love to connect with others in the industry, so I decided to call.

I enjoyed the way Sharna conducted her session. I often have a protective energetic shield around me which I left up for the session beginning to make sure I was comfortable with the energy. Sharna led a meditation calling in helpers and guides and began surveying my energy. I was pleased to find that I could feel and connect with her energy and it felt safe. I was able to relax and allow her to move through, surveying my energy field. She was able to give me very accurate information, especially related to the presence of a guide who is familiar to me physically. I recognized the guide as she described the features. She was also able to tell me about my energy and I felt that she had good insight. She gave me a lot of encouragement, just as someone to connect with and also in the reading she did for me.

I really appreciate Sharna’s methodology. She brings a gentle healing energy and wisdom to her practice and I am glad I was able to have a session with her. I recommend her for distance healing and hope to be able to visit Seek Spark Shine in my travels.”

Vyolet W, Yelp Review
“I don’t just hand out 5 star reviews, but if I could up Sharna’s star-power rating to 10 stars I would! My reiki sessions with Sharna still have a lasting impact… over a month after we met for our first. The past year and a half has been the toughest I’ve ever experienced, both emotionally and mentally.

Having been to a handful of mental health professionals during that time, I have to honestly say it wasn’t until I met with Sharna that I was able to feel a shift in perspective, a new appreciation and understanding of my life, and a gentleness with MY healing process.

Sharna’s approach is so individualized, I felt she really listened to my story and offered perspective that is for me and me alone. What I also appreciated about my sessions with Sharna are the tools she offered for me to do at home… To help realign me in my relationship with myself and with my loved ones. The tools were especially helpful because they were totally manageable and realistic (I am a goal oriented person!), without feeling overwhelming and exhausting.

Sharna is a healer. A loving, caring, genuine, and personal healer who provides the utmost professional experience.”

Melissa S, Yelp Review
“Sharna is simply amazing.

As an Atheist, I’m averse to anything involving the supernatural. Sharna’s respect, professionalism and loving care made me feel completely at ease. With her gentle guiding, I was able to resolve some very long-standing issues, providing needed closure. She makes you feel instantly comfortable and welcome, with special personal touches (including the most amazing-smelling energy mist ever created) that invoke almost a spa-like feel, enhancing her technique with relaxation and compassion.

In the simplest terms, when you see Sharna, you will always leave feeling loved.”

Alex K, Yelp Review
“I was referred to Sharna by my beautiful, amazing sister, after I had an emotional break down a few months ago. It was clear after my first session with Sharna, that she was special and my path to healing and self nurturing was on its way with no looking back!

Without ever meeting me personally, as I live on the east coast and she on the west, she was able to tap into my energy and reveal things that are nothing short of incredible! She has such a beautiful, soothing voice and manner. Each session is different, but beneficial in many ways. If you are considering Reiki for the first time or are a seasoned pro, I highly recommend a session with Sharna. She truly is a bright blessing!!!”

Renee R.
“My first in person reiki session with Sharna left me feeling validated, confident, and with a sense of calm. After years of struggling with anxiety I finally felt hopeful after my reiki session because Sharna offered me guidance and direction that I hadn’t quite felt before. Although that was my first time meeting Sharna it felt like we knew each other for years because she was so kind and incredibly intuitive. She was quickly able to tap into what area of my body needed energy healing and ease the discomfort. I don’t live in the same state as Sharna, so my next sessions were scheduled to be distance reiki. I was a bit skeptical of the distance experience and uncertain if I would have the same incredible experience as I did in person. However, she was able to again intuitively access areas of my life that need improvement and not only heal the energy with reiki but also provide me with real information to do my own self-improvement.

I have referred my loved ones to Sharna’s work because of my transformative experience and they have all reported similar experiences. I highly recommend Sharna she is so clearly talented in her ability to facilitate your healing process and self-evolution.”

Frances G.

“I connected with a Sharna after I friend of mine was telling me how incredible she felt after just one distant session with Sharna. After hearing her review, I knew I had to give it a try for myself. I went in with an open mind but also with low expectations. Our session was over the phone, so as much as I believed Sharna could help, I also felt that there would be limitation because of the distance. I was wrong. After my first session I felt like a weight was lifted. Sharna cleared away my emotional blocks but also gave me tools so I could keep working on strengthening my emotional state. To my amazement, in one session she changed my view of my future. I’ll admit that I was feeling depressed (more than I let on to Sharna) before our session, but afterwards, I felt hope. I booked another session, and this time I could feel her presence in a more physical way. It’s hard to explain but I can tell you if you have any reservations about working with a Reiki practitioner (whether in person or distant) I can assure you working with Sharna works. I’m forever grateful for her.”
Melissa H.
“I was first introduced to the beautiful energy of Shana Langlais through, of all places, Instagram. @sharnalanglais Her Instagram page is full of wisdom, insight and genuine love. I followed Shana’s page for close to a year knowing that at some point I wanted to experience her amazing energy in person.

I was so excited to see that she was teaching a reiki level one class in my town, and I knew I had to sign up. I have experienced reiki several times before, and I have also taken classes in other energy healing modalities.

Sharna’s genuine and radiant energy filled the room, never wavering from the beginning of a long day of class to the end, setting the stage for a powerful day of learning and transformation. Sharna was a fountain of information on a vast number of healing topics not just reiki. The beauty of her teaching style was her lack of ego. Too many teachers want to set themselves apart from their students by creating a feeling of untouchable hierarchy. This teaching style, can be intimidating, isolating, and damaging not allowing the teaching to fully integrate.

Sharna taught with grace, inclusiveness and loving openness. She taught with humor and a lightness of touch that made such a deep subject completely accessible and alive for all involved. The four reiki level 1 attunements she gave throughout class were powerful and transformational. The class was five days ago and I am still in an expanded state of bliss. The materials, her presentation style, and the amount of information she fit into the day was impressive. Not to mention the guided meditations, Qigong exercises, and tuning fork sound therapy she led us through. OMG! You must go to her for tuning fork sound therapy alone! Im addicted!

I will be signing up for Sharna’s reiki level 2 course, and seeing her for reiki and sound therapy sessions in the near future. Sharna has a true gift. You can’t help but see it and feel it in everything she says and does. You won’t even need to have reiki done by her to feel transformed. Just being in the presence of her energy is healing, but you will WANT to have reiki done by Sharna. Your only regret will be that it took you this long to find her!!!”

Cinnamon N, Yelp Review
“Ok folks, this is akin to the great American novel, but I’ve got a lot to say! Lol. My first experience with Reiki was 10 years ago at a beautiful spa up in Napa. I didn’t feel a thing, unless you count regretting having paid $95 for a 45 minute nap. Fast forward to summer of 2014. My brother, who is ill and living with me, is telling me about the benefits of Reiki and that he’s booked an appointment with a highly recommended practitioner. And because he knows I’m such a skeptic, he’s gifted me a session.

All my cynicism disappeared when I met Sharna Langlais. She exuded such warmth and loving kindness that you couldn’t help but want to be in her energy. She’s also an intuitive, which I was unaware of…..lets just say my Reiki session was the equivalent of licking my finger and sticking it in the wall socket!! Every session since has also been equally powerful, both energetically and spiritually.

When I saw that she was teaching Level 1 Reiki, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from this divine goddess. Our group was awesome–beautiful souls coming together to share a powerful experience. New friends, new tribe, these are my sisters now.

Sharna is a natural at teaching (and not everyone is). We started with a prayer and meditation, went through our syllabus and jumped right in. The flow between Qigong exercises, attunements, energy work, and understanding the how and why of Reiki was executed seamlessly by Sharna. She has an affinity for knowing when to inject levity. Love that the manual she created has a lot of additional information for you to read at your leisure, plus an extensive reading list. Looking forward to working on myself and taking Level 2.

Maybe I should’ve skipped writing this novel and just posted my cliff notes, which would read like this, ‘Sharna ROCKS! If she’s offering classes or workshops–take them!’.

Peace, love, and happiness.”

Elizabeth H, Yelp Review
“I am so happy to say that I had the pleasure to work with Reiki Master Sharna Langlais this past weekend as she led myself and two other students through a Reiki Level 1 Certification Training. I only had a vague idea about Reiki and was very curious about it and I had heard incredible things about Sharna.

Wow! I was blown away with the energy and knowledge Sharna generously shared with us. She was totally present for the entire day. I learned so much about healing energy and how I could incorporate Reiki into my existing meditation practice. In fact, this experience has reinforced and enhanced my meditation practice. It is not even one week after and I am already experiencing significant shifts in areas where i have been stuck of years. She made sure that we all knew she was going to be available after if we ever had questions or needed support during our process in the weeks and months following the session.

I highly recommend Sharna for her healing and education services.”

“I had just recently found out what reiki was and right off the bat very intrigued. Sharna was recommended to me by my mother, who said an energy cleansing was something that I must try. Sharna had me lay down, close my eyes and take a few long breaths. She then proceeded to lightly place her hands over my head and chest. I could instantly feel an energy change as if there was tons of light in front of my eyes. Sharna was able to instantly sense all of the heaviness I have been carrying with me my entire life. She could also sense the terrible pain that I carry in my feet. After my reading was over I Felt like a million pounds has been lifted from my shoulders and my feet were hurting significantly less. Since Sharna gave me my reading I have been feeling much more happy, energetic and secure with myself. I feel like I can take on the world now and never look back. I highly recommend Sharna Langlais, she will change your entire state of mind for the better!”
Chloe H.
“Had a beautiful reiki session with Sharna this afternoon who I meet on Instagram. It is amazing how when you open yourself up to new ideas the universe provides you with the right teachers. Sharna is a talented intuitive and reiki practitioner and was bang on with our session. Sharna, I am so thankful our paths crossed and so excited to work with you and learn from you in the future.”
Jennifer Rimes, RHN
“Thank you Sharna for holding such healing space during my distance energy session. I felt so at ease, safe, and valued. Your insight about past, present, and future inspires me to move forward on my path with a renewed confidence and joy …in gratitude, Tara in Arizona. I will continue to refer my loved ones your way!!!”
Tara D.
“Spending time with Sharna is a gift and a blessing. I have reached out to her during many stressful times and am consistently met with compassion, wisdom and healing. Her gentle easy laugh alone will reassure you that everything is way okay. She is a very gifted healer and it would be impossible to spend time with this Goddess and not leave transformed.”
Allison B, Yelp Review
“Sharna’s Guide Speak Workshop was a truly enlightening experience for me. Sharna’s energy is magnetic and simply draws you in, where you just want to be in her energy field. I learned much in this class and I look forward to taking other classes and workshops with Sharna in the future! I see Sharna regular for Reiki energy work — she is truly gifted and intuitive and I always eagerly look forward to our monthly work together.”
Marie V, Yelp Review
“Sharna is a truly gifted teacher and through her guidance, I was able to open myself up and receive a very profound meeting with my spirit guide. Before this exercise, I was not familiar with the spirit guide concept and had never attempted to communicate with them before. After this experience, I feel well equipped to reach out to my spirit guides and communicate with them in my day to day life. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who has a curiosity about spirit guides.”
Michelle L, Yelp Review