Exercise and Reiki: Moving Energy

Exercise and Reiki: Moving Energy

I was up early and out for a quick 2 mile run before seeing clients this morning, and then spent some time with the flowers and plants in my backyard canyon. I woke up a little cranky, and when meditating didn’t totally do the trick I decided to get out and move my body!

I get a lot of questions from clients and students about how best to “feel energy” – well my friends, exercise is one of the quickest, healthiest and most productive ways not only to feel energy, but move it too! Energy blocks (which we can experience as feeling cranky, upset, sad, angry, anxious and even lethargic), can be so beautifully cleared by moving the body.

We don’t need expensive cures, and you don’t even need to come see energy workers like me (although it helps when you’re really stuck). You truly do have everything you need to heal yourself, and a great prescription that never fails me is exercise, time in nature and a little meditation.

Bright blessings for a beautiful start to your weekends!

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