Owning our Ignorance as we Evolve

Don't most of us feel safer, more secure, more at ease, when we feel like we know what we're doing? It's called the comfort zone, and as many of us know by now, that ain't where growth is happening. But I think this interesting phenomenon occurs when we've been on a path of self growth [...]

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Stopping to Smell the Roses

These sweet, sunny roses run along my fence line, and how perfect a reminder of the shining, lightness of summer! It's kinda impossible not to feel bright when you're looking at a yellow rose...I mean, "stopping to smell the roses" became a cliche for a reason! Mama earth is blooming in our part of the [...]

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The Reiki Path: Interview by Floating Yoga School

In early May, Helen Cloots of Floating Yoga School joined me at my office in Santa Fe to interview me about all things Reiki. See below for some key markers on topics, and if you feel so moved, it would be awesome if you liked the video on YouTube and/or left a comment! JUMP TO: 0:30 - What is [...]

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Move Your Energy, Move Your Body

Out for a run with this lil cutie pie and lemme just give massive kudos to the moms who get out there and push these strollers day after day...especially to work out! Holy goodness I felt muscles I haven't in ages, and was so grateful for that park stop midway through. And yet I couldn't [...]

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San Diego Reiki Gratitude

View from the balcony of my San Diego office this week! Reiki sessions are still available as well (book online: Taking a moment to sip my tea, bask in mama nature's beauty and let all this gratitude brim up and out of every pore in my skin and cell in my body! I was [...]

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As I Sail Life’s Fickle Sea…

We live in a world that is increasingly ungrounded and ungrounding. Between the pace we're often expected to keep up with, to the messages we're bombarded with about how we're supposed to be living our lives (this post included! :)). And often all outside of a context of connection to compassion for self. [...]

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A Blessing for Healing from Theft

Last week my purse was stolen out of the trunk of my car as I was hiking in Santa Fe, my new home. I’ve traveled all over the world by myself and have never had my property stolen - I’ve lost my fair share of items, and surprisingly often had them returned. So it was [...]

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Being Open to Love, I am Safe

Opening up to love can feel scary…as often we relate that opening to the possibility of experiencing pain or disappointment or frustration. Right now I’m finding that when we attach the experience of love to a person or an outcome, that’s often where pain enters. Yet as I open myself up to love in its [...]

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