Of Orcas, Birds and Elephants

Of Orcas, Birds and Elephants

“I like your hummingbird,” said a dark-eyed, dark-haired young girl to the smaller, green-eyed girl beside her.  Giggling and shining, her dark eyes gazed toward the sky, finger pointing upward with dimples gleaming on both cheeks.  Her teeth, white and alight with mirth, flashed alongside the birds that flew all about them in the play-yard made from wood.  They had met in a grove glistening and made alive with the moistness of rain and the glimmer of the sun.

“Ohhhh,” was the quiet response, a statement that was really an unsure sigh, gushing out amidst a blush that colored the younger girl from chest to cheeks, rising up toward her forehead.  The little one blinked and followed the older girl’s finger, struggling to see the small rapid movements of the colorful wings she was pointing toward.  It seemed like such a fancy, such a blur.  So shrugging her shoulders she folded inward, shuffling her feet and walking briskly away.

“Hey!” the tall, slender girl ran along beside her.  “What’s your name? Where are you going? Do you want to meet my owl?” Flecks of green and Aquarian blue rose from her aura, freedom and laughter calling others to join her.  And so a flock of children found their way over, as the smaller girl walked on, glad to be alone, relieved to be invisible, happy to be away from so much joy.

They wandered apart in separate circles for many years.  Dark eyes and dark hair turning toward moonlit nights, dancing and gleaming, challenging and daring.  In turn, green-eyes swept long hair against stark windows of control, conforming and analyzing, tightening and succeeding.

Then, several years later, they found one another again, backs colliding as they bumped into each other, shoulder blades re-uniting, the crispness of energetic recognition flowing and sparking between them.

“It’s you!” green-eyes squealed.

“No, it’s you!” dark-eyes challenged in delight.

And they threw off their smocks, cast away their shoes and danced in glittering nakedness for all the faeries, creatures and nymphs to see.

And then one day, gesturing in a willowy, arched movement, owl spoke in a hushed voice to hummingbird.  “Come now,” she said, “I have something to show you.”  And grasping hummingbird’s small wing, owl led her into a copse of oak trees.  Feathery coolness kissed their cheeks as they glided toward a glowing orb, and settling around its shimmering spiral, hummingbird saw it was an egg.

They both stared silently, watching the miracle of the warm, gentle creation that danced in silent movement before them.  Owl sparked and gleamed in nervous excitement, the dimples showing brightly on her feathered cheeks.  She’d made this life with a gentle elephant, and he trumpeted in the distance, proud, protective and kind.

Hummingbird leaned down to lay her ear against the thin, gossamer white veil of the shell.  “I can hear his heart beating,” she murmured, feeling the rhythm of his heart’s connection tenderly extend toward hers.  Bowing slowly, she scooped the delicate pearlescent egg into her arms, and cradled it with a love she hadn’t yet known

9 months later a baby orca was born.  And who knows how a whale comes forth from an air-gliding owl and earth-bound elephant?  And yet he did, and lives were forever changed with the beauty of this life sweeping forth.; lessons learned, egos softened and bonds forged with the movement of his soft, intuitive fins.

From him, hummingbird has learned to beat her feathers in joy, to dance and sing and to spark brilliance within her life.

And owl has learned to listen to the thump within, to be calmed by the quiet of her shadow and to seek no further than the intuitive gifts within her.

We join, we observe, we watch and we marvel in the joy this baby orca finds in freedom.  His laughter, his gentle gait, his still forming words, bestow lessons upon all those that hope one day to fly along the wind.

For his mother is a bird.  His father an elephant.  His fairy godmother also a bird.  Together they are born of the air and the earth, of the faeries and the sand, of the mermaids and the sea.

And for however far they shall travel, however distant they may be from one another, they will always unite, in the bright, honest sincerity that binds the recognition of their souls.

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    My favorite story.

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      Mine too. 🙂 Love you both!

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