New Sound Healing & Reiki Event

New Sound Healing & Reiki Event in San Diego on Saturday, 12/13 from 11am-1pm for just $25! I'm teaming up with the amazing Sound Healer Toni Narins to offer 2 hours of sound healing combined with hands-on Reiki by me at Spirit Yoga Studios in Pacific Beach! You'll get to experience: gongs tuning forks singing bowls, [...]

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Embracing Experiences — and Hearts — in Sedona

Throwing back to my recent trip to Sedona. I had so many beautiful, synchronistic experiences there and one was as I was walking back down from the Boynton Canyon vortex. A man who was walking up stopped me and said "can I give you something?" I said, "of course!" and he pulled this red rock [...]

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Reiki Teaching Reflections – Calgary Reiki 1

I'm enjoying a little green tea matcha by the fire this morning in Calgary, taking a quiet moment to reflect on such a beautiful Reiki 1 class yesterday. Each class is so special and unique, and yet sometimes it still amazes me what happens when a group of present, authentic and caring people come together [...]

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Learning to Let Others Simply “Be”

I know I learned somewhere along the line, that a person can become a band aid for past hurts and wounds. Unintentionally, it's the place from which I used to seek out relationships - gravitating toward people that made me feel better about myself, or made me feel protected; but perhaps not seeing those people [...]

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