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Love, Healing and a Heart-Shaped Burn

I burnt my finger after Reiki 1 in Phoenix, not paying attention to where I placed my fingers while picking up a glass candle. The blister was heart-shaped too but went away quickly as I tended to it, just leaving a little skin cover. When I returned to San Diego last week, the skin started [...]

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Aries Super Moon Poetry

Tonight’s Full Moon in Aries is also a supermoon, blood moon and combined with a total lunar eclipse. Powerful, powerful energy moving through and around today, tonight and for the next week as the energy settles and integrates. I’m feeling deeply blessed to be up in the mountains of New Mexico for tonight’s Full Moon, [...]

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Sedona Airport Vortex and Timing Perfection

Arrived in Sedona yesterday and just, wow- this is from the top of the airport energy vortex- the first one I went to. So breathtakingly beautiful and majestic...and powerful! Took me a day to get my bearings and now I'm feeling wonderful this morning. Also so very grateful for the many lovely synchronisties that keep [...]

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Mixed Veggies, Quinoa and Lemon Tahini Dressing

I like my food easy, simple and healthy, so I usually rotate out a few "go to" meals every few months. Right now I am in love with this one: quinoa, topped with lightly steamed veggies and dressing - here I've used Annie's organic goddess dressing, and I also really love Kronfli Brothers Kale Tahini [...]

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Aura and Energy Cleansing Sprays & Solar Eclipse

Charging up my newest batch of Aura and Energy Cleansing sprays! Anyone can make these spritzers - I combine: distilled water a little organic witch hazel a small piece of crystal quartz; and my own aromatherapy blends Pictured here are Lavender-Geranium (calming) and Lemongrass-Orange (brightening). I also infuse them with Reiki and I'm about to [...]

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Green Aventurine for Prosperity and Love

Wearing crystals is one of my favorite ways to use their healing properties, and after I learned this easy weave for making necklaces, I've been knotting and braiding left and right! Lately I've been drawn to this green aventurine, which had a number of healing properties. It's a heart chakra opener, and helps attract love [...]

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Learning to Let Others Simply “Be”

I know I learned somewhere along the line, that a person can become a band aid for past hurts and wounds. Unintentionally, it's the place from which I used to seek out relationships - gravitating toward people that made me feel better about myself, or made me feel protected; but perhaps not seeing those people [...]

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Full Moon in Pisces & Aromatherapy Potions

I'm prepping for tonight's Full Moon Circle - we'll be making aromatherapy "potions"! We have a Super Moon (characterized as such because of how close the moon is to earth) in Pisces. And this lunation is perfect for releasing, particularly with an emphasis on old grief, that which has "died," and moving on to the [...]

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How to Brew Your Own Kombucha and Scoby

Started some kombucha brewing today with my one of my bestie! It's possible to create your own scoby (the active culture or "mother" that turns tea and sugar into kombucha) using a bottle of store bought kombucha. I haven't made kombucha in several years as I'd been avoiding fermented foods. But as my bank account [...]

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