Aura and Energy Cleansing Sprays & Solar Eclipse

Aura and Energy Cleansing Sprays & Solar Eclipse

Charging up my newest batch of Aura and Energy Cleansing sprays!

Anyone can make these spritzers – I combine:

  • distilled water
  • a little organic witch hazel
  • a small piece of crystal quartz; and
  • my own aromatherapy blends

Pictured here are Lavender-Geranium (calming) and Lemongrass-Orange (brightening). I also infuse them with Reiki and I’m about to set them out to charge under today’s Solar Eclipse. They’ll also be coming on the road with me to Arizona and New Mexico next week!

Now, for a bit about today’s Solar Eclipse from

“The Virgo Solar Eclipse wants you to clarify and clear out what is no longer in alignment with your essence, to call your power back into your body, get focused in present time, and become a more effective agent of planetary service. Virgo rules the small intestine, whose function is to DISCERN what is truly nourishing, and what wants to be released.”

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