Love, Healing and a Heart-Shaped Burn

Love, Healing and a Heart-Shaped Burn

I burnt my finger after Reiki 1 in Phoenix, not paying attention to where I placed my fingers while picking up a glass candle. The blister was heart-shaped too but went away quickly as I tended to it, just leaving a little skin cover.

When I returned to San Diego last week, the skin started peeling and it’s also so beautifully heart-shaped. The symbolism has been fun and rich as I’ve reflected on it: how even something that once hurt, when healing, can reveal love…how when we’re loving and tender with our wounds it marks us even more with love…how (even though I never flip people off), if I did now I could make it a sign of love!

But mostly it’s a reminder to me to simply be love, express love and do love, and in doing so, somehow it can even be etched even on skin.

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